Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gen Wright was pretty deaf, so her voice was loud.

Lyonses were with her at restaurant supper;
a lull in conversation around us.
She got thoughtful. We should have worried.
She announced loudly, "If I live to be 100,
I'll never approve of oral sex."
Bo Wright said we heard it wrong; she must have said
"I'll never improve on.."

Luckily, Lyonses are incapable of embarrassment.
Mother Regina: “OK, 1st of month, time to change underwear.
Danny change with Bob; Leonard with George, Jimmy with Dave.”
Babe Chambers (sister of Genevieve Ryan Wright’s mother) was youngest of 22 CountyClare siblings from 1 mother; (Still called Babe at 90.)

Custom was that youngest daughter stayed home to care for parents. (Babe had to.)

But her youngest were twins, Susan and George.
Susan saw prospect, fled to England. That left poor George.

He brought home a fiancĂ©e. Babe said, “You can marry when I die.” Fiancee fled. Babe died after 90.

George still lives, an aged bachelor. He plays fiddle at local taverns..”They like me; they know I’ll be sober the whole evening.” (He belongs to Irish ‘AA’, the Father Talbot Society.)

When we visited them in BallynaKelly in ’72, they went over to the tavern to get the food for high-tea. (Why should every house have a separate refrigerator?)
They had no indoor toilet or even a kitchen faucet (a pump outside).
Our 7-year old daughter asked, “How do you do dishes?”/ “We’re so rich we break them after every meal.”

Since Babe died, George has installed all the modern conveniences.
Mike Ryan was large Police lieutenant in Chicago.
He was dying, roaring in pain.
His little wife said, “For God’s sake, Mike, offer it up for the Holy Souls.”
He roared in reply “Offer it up your ass !”

We’d like to think those were noble last words.
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