Friday, October 17, 2008


MY FIRST SUIT: When we moved to the big City, Mother realized I’d have to have
A suit to go to college. So she took me to Brown Shoe Store, and asked to see a suit in the $25 range, with 2 pair of pants.
The suit she settled on was the color of milk, with orange juice vomited on it.
She said, “I want the second pair of pants this length.” /Why?/
So my brother Leonard could wear the suit in High School./
“Say, that’s brilliant !”

Leonard would wear the suit to 10AM Mass, and then I’d put on the suitcoat
For 11AM Mass. Between our house and the church was a small store.
If both of us stopped in, the guy would say, “Wait a minute! How do you have time between Masses to change into that suit?”

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