Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Selma, Alabama was the scene of carnage against blacks.
Coincidentally, it was the place where my brother, running a car agency,
Needed a car repossessed .

He deputized myself and two brothers to go to Selma and repossess that car.

On the train with us was an older white woman from Selma. She fixed me with a Steely glare, saying
“You people are going to Selma to make trouble, right?”

We explained that we were going to Selma to repossess a car.

‘Oh, no,” she said, “You are an Episcopal preacher, and you plan to stage a sitdown in the colored women’s john!” She ignored our disclaimers.

“I want to warn you that we have so many trouble-makers in the Selma jail
that we had to tie the town drunk to a tree!”

Today a black man was inaugurated as President..

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