Friday, March 7, 2008

Creative St.Joe student

Fr.Ranly was the resident priest at St.Joe’s Drexel Hall. But he was there as spiritual counsellor; discipline was up to senior students in the Hall.

One day they came to him quite upset, saying that a student, to win a bet, had eaten a turd. Ingeniously he called on Fr.Weisser, Dean of Discipline—but Weisser cunningly said, “This is not a matter of discipline—there’s no college rule against eating turds.”

Whereupon Ranly called in the student and said,”Are you troubled? Did you—uh-on one occasion—uh—I’m not condemning you, just trying to understand—

“Of course not !” said the student.”I ate a BabyRuth candybar speckled with 7-up;
and I made $50.”

“All of which is going to the missions.”

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