Wednesday, March 5, 2008


From the time the Catholic English conquered Ireland until the Reformation,
the Fitzgerald Clan ruled Ireland on behalf of England.
(Then they lost power as Catholics themselves.)

In 16th century one Earl Fitzgerald burned down the great cathedral at Cashel.
He was arraigned before King Henry VIII (still Catholic).
Why did he do such an outrageous thing?

“Sire, I would never have burned the cathedral
had I not thought the bishop was inside!”

Henry roared with laughter and dismissed the charge.
In 20th century, I was,as tourist, at a Fitzgerald stately home.
The guide was, as is often the case, one of the few high-toned Protestants
left in Eire.
I said, "My Iowa grandmother's maiden name was Fitzgerald. We'd like to think we're related to the noble Fitzgeralds."

"That's very possible; they left bahstuds all over Ireland."

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